Lockdown Diaries

'Lockdown Diaries' is a short documentary on everyday lives of students in government schools in Nepal. Here, we've tried to capture what going to school means for students in Nepal amidst the uncertainties posed by 2015 earthquake and COVID-19 pandemic.

This project is supported by the University of Oxford’s Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund. This documentary is part of a research project on education and social change in Nepal, funded by Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship.

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Concept and Production: Uma Pradhan

Camera: Gaurab Bhandari and Rama Dahal

Post Production: Gaurab Bhandari

Direction and Translation: Garima Bhandari

Please click on the image to go to our youtube channel. The video is 8.39 minutes long. 


The shorter version is available here (1.30 mins)