About Us

Education.SouthAsia is an interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners working on/in South Asia. This initiative is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and University College London.

Education.SouthAsia aims to bring together academic and non-academic perspectives on education in South Asia. We appreciate education as entwined with social processes that shape and are shaped by people’s visions of the past and future. We, therefore, pay close attention to popular understandings on education (movies, songs etc.), study academic researches (books and journal articles) and trace policy narratives (key education policies). Join us... as we go beyond the focus on big data on education and examine how people experience education as a part of their social project. 

This initiative was started in 2019 with the financial support from the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship, Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) and the University of Oxford's Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund.


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        We are moving .... Please visit our new website here: https://educationsouthasia.com